Sue Washington - Author - Therapist
Thereapy & Counselling
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An Overview

As a practitioner, Sue Washington works with each individual to help them use the unconscious mind as a resource of wealth to promote healing. Her therapeutic contact with clients is often short - perhaps around six sessions, which are specifically designed to helps the client promote rapid change from their own selfempowerment. Longer therapeutic periods may be suggested due to individual circumstances, and Sue will gladly discuss all details in a personal goal plan.

Individuals, Couples or Groups

Sue Washington is available to assist individuals, couples, and groups (such as a family situation) with a broad variety of therapy and counselling issues, challenges, and goals. The topics can range from interpersonal conflict, grieving, dealing with change or loss, to gaining greater insights into others to improve communication and relationships. (For detail about workplace issues or counselling in the employment setting, please see Coaching.)

If you would like to arrange a session with Sue, or wish to discuss in more detail what sessions might entail, please feel free to make contact.