Sue Washington - Author - Therapist

Website Backup File Download

Website File Download

This file is the most recent backup copy of the the Sue Washington website that MVC has had in what we call "cold storage." It does not represent the site as later modified by other web specialists (who, as we recall, further adapted the site for better mobile performance). MVC did not have access to the latest copy of the site; the hosting provider that last hosted the site may have a copy, however.

What This File Is

The file below is a compressed home directory of the website with all its various files and subdirectories, including code framework files, graphics, and other parts of the site as originally built. If this file is restored on an Apache/Linux webserver, it should perform just as the version you are visiting now.

Tip: If your virus or malware checker issues a warning message about downloading the file, you are safe to bypass it and accept the download.


Download Compressed File