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From Parents

Feedback given from parents was taken from comments that they took the trouble to write after taking part in the Peace of Mind™ 10 session training programme.

Feedback & Comments

"I am forever grateful for the skills I have learnt from the sessions I have had each week".

"I am a mother of five children. Before I met the therapist and joined the Peace of Mind™ programme, felt I could not cope. I felt isolated and didn't know where or who to turn to. Now I feel completely different. I feel I can handle situations that I could not have handled before. I feel that I now understand my children better and can help and advise them on matters I could not have helped with before (or thought I couldn't). "

"The most pleasure I feel is that I have become a better mother and partner and friend to my entire family. The trainer and the Peace of Mind™ programme have shown me my true self - a person I didn't know existed. I feel proud at being a better person and I owe Sue and the Peace of Mind™ programme a great deal of thanks. She has listened to all my problems and helped me find solutions."

"Before attending the Peace of Mind™ programme, I felt confused and not in control of situations that continuously 'clouded' my days. My children seemed to be growing further away from me, which frustrated me. I was really at a low ebb just before the first session of the Peace of Mind™ programme. My self-esteem and any confidence I had was wrapped up in an angry attitude and I felt that I was going to explode. The first session we had was very new, and I was a bit uneasy. I was uneasy in a way that I wasn't sure of what was expected of me, or what I was expected to say - in other words, I thought that there was a boundary. I was wrong."

"I learnt throughout the weeks that anything and everything could be discussed, and this left me feeling stronger, happier, and more in control after each session."

"I now confront difficulties in a different manner, especially where my children are concerned. On the whole I know and feel that the therapist and the Peace of Mind™ programme have made me a person who I am proud of inside and out."

"Although I have back-up tapes, books and my own knowledge in my head, I shall miss each Wednesday morning."