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Pegasus EPS - Comments & Feeback
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From Children

Feedback from the children came from them answering questionnaires and from interviews by the independant assessor of the project.

Original documents showing the feedback given below are of course available.

Feedback from parents was made as written comment. Feedback from staff was taken either at interview by the independant assessor or as written comments.

Feedback from the pupil questionnaire:

• If you feel the time with your therapist was a help could you write down here how it helped?

She made me stop and think of all the things I do and told me I should think of myself more instead of everyone else

Stopped the bullying, taught me how to say no

She made me feel happy

She is a nice person and she helped me (sic) get through all my problems

It helped me get rid of problems

I was first very angry about some of the things

It helped me because I had someone to talk to and feel less isolated. Helped me deal with the stress of school

She helped me because if I felt I couldn't talk to anyone I knew I could talk to her because it was confidential, so really she was like a friend

Interviews with the "clients"

1. Why did you go to see the therapist?

Not concentrating

Not sure

Being skitted

Bad mouthing - had an attitude problem

Behaviour - fighting and starting on people

2. Who suggested it?

All said: Head of year or deputy head

3. What did you expect?

White coat, long bed, somebody who would understand every thought, interrogations, a darkened room, a two way mirror, like going to a "shrink".

4. How was it?

It was fine

Relaxed straight away

Better in new room, very relaxing, can't hear anything else


Liked being able to touch

Kind - either you liked her or you didn't - we all liked her

Talks to you quietly - doesn't shout

You didn't have to go - you had the option

You could talk and discuss ways of working on it

It felt better to talk, can't really talk to your mates or your parents - otherwise they'd be down at the school.

I stopped being backed into a corner by things

I learned how to protect myself - how to go into my shell, put a bubble round me

I remember the garden and letting things go in the box

I could only hear Sue - put me in a bubble in a river and let everything flow over me

It takes time

The negative responses:

She asked a lot of questions -I never answered most of them

I didn't like it - don't like being told

She kept going on at me - was "mad".

5. Did it make a difference?

You feel better about yourself

Teachers say I've improved - I don't have lapses of concentration any more, can blank everyone out

Used to hide away - now I talk to others, more outgoing

Improved my concentration - bringing homework in now

I'm now happier coming to school

6. What did others say about you?

Skitted you about going "to the shrink"

I was skitted - but the boy who was skitting goes himself now, so he's stopped skitting

Others don't know - it was very confidential

I told the others and explained what it was about.

If you feel the time with your therapist was a help could you write down here how it helped:

It helped me to stop getting in trouble as much

When I was getting blamed for robbing a purse I came to see John and he asked me if I had any anger in me. I said "yes" and he asked where it was and asked me to close my eyes. He told me to … I can't remember … I fell asleep and when I woke up it'd just gone, the anger.

It helped me to behave. (I'm) behaving better now. He's been a good friend to me.

He told me about school, if I don't go

Interviews with the "clients"

1. Why did you go to see John?

Cos I was getting into trouble and that…. all different things

Don't know

Because of the way I've behaved

Because I was having temper problems in school; fights in class and outside

Got called names because I stammered a lot. They thought I wouldn't hit them, but I did.

Used to be naughty at break, dinner, on the corridors and in class - running and things

2. Who suggested it?

All said: the Social Inclusion co-ordinator apart from one who said that they had been sent by a learning mentor

3. What did you expect?

Don't know. I wasn't scared though.

Thought it would be OK .

4. How was it?

It was OK

I used to draw things for him. I used to draw the den we went to in Aintree

Good Helped me a lot

Alright I used to close my eyes and go and sit under a tree

The most negative response was: -

Since I've not seen him I've felt I've slipped backwards.

5. Did it make a difference?

Yes. I behave now

I felt picked on by teachers. They don't do it any more

With anger. I used to get hot and run out of school (I did it once anyway). I'm not running out any more.


He talked to me and suggested things.

I took some things and not others …

I liked his suggestions. They were all good ones

6. What did others say about you?


No-one knew

Nobody knew