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Pegasus Educational Psychotherapy Services
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An Overview

Pegasus can best be defined by its Mission Statement:

To place an Educational Psychotherapist in every educational establishment in the UK.

Its guiding principles encompass:

• Non-profit making oraganisation
• Supervised practitioners
• Choose what qualifications you desire:

    Four years post-graduate training
    Teacher trained and experienced

• Short term intervention
• Progress assessment
• Client body comprised of children, students, parents and/or teachers individually or in groups in a validated programme.


Pegasus has therapists available in the UK from UKCP recognised training organisations. There is a network covering most of the UK from Aberdeen & Inverness in the Scotland, through Bristol and the Westcountry, & East Anglia to London. Therapists are also available in Northern Ireland and Eire.

On site

All practitioners will have a 6 week assessed trial on your premises after which assessment and interviews with pastoral staff and children will take place. The charge for this service to the school is £150 per day (the same daily rate as that of a teacher with some responsibility).

Work is carried out with pupils on a sessional basis. The usual contract for intervention is a 6 ± 1 session. We are happy to see children who have a variety of issues or problems. They may be children with a problem in a particular area, or be at the introverted end of the spectrum, or be in your category of pre-exclusion. The question of parental consent is up to you. In our secondary interventions so far, the head has been happy to make the decision in loco parentis in some circumstances, and has sought parental consent in others. It is important to us that after the initial session, that the child gives its own consent to attend further.

We are happy to work with staff and parents, individually or in groups through the Peace of Mindâ„¢ programme.