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Peace of Mind Testimonials
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From People Just Like You

Below are some testimonials from people who have taken the Peace Of Mind™ programme, some on the interactive course at Liverpool John Moores University, and others who have taken the programme separately.

General comments from people who have completed the course:

"It enabled me to take charge of my life, instead of letting other people make decisions for me".

"My new confidence led me to taking Open University courses, getting my degree and transforming my life in many ways."

"I have found a great deal of happiness resulting from the way I now conduct my life. I would thoroughly recommend Peace of Mind training to anyone who feels they are missing something, but can't quite find it".

"It helps you to find yourself".

From Individuals

Denise Ashurst, Liverpool

"Refreshing, comprehensive, intensive, a gift for life. This course is not (just) academic, I lived it: more rewarding than any other course of study I’ve ever undertaken".

Anna Clarke, Sussex

"An intensive and thought provoking experience, leading us gently towards the intricacies of working with psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Sue is an empathic and powerful facilitator of this process and the fact that I have enjoyed it so much I'm sure means that learning has taken place at a very deep level. This is true experiential learning which will I'm sure give me the confidence to go out there and do it".

Maria Brown, Cumbria

"What I like about this course is the gentle sharing of the course leader’s experience and knowledge – her encouragement in our own abilities. What is important too is the space to deal with our own material. I feel that this course is giving me just what I need now to begin to work as a psychotherapist".

Ray Cranston, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

"I did the Peace Of Mind™ training in 1994 to help me with my personal development. This course led me on a voyage of discovery that changed my life and way of thinking about others and myself. I now work in the field of Referral Marketing, helping others achieve their goals and sharing the skills first developed through Peace of Mind.

My business is now turning over £3,000,000, per annum and thousands of families are now benefiting from additional income through my business. My income is considerable, and I now earn more in a month than I did in a year".

Dr. John H. Tollan, Troon, Scotland "

I wish to testify to the value and benefits which I believe I obtained from completion of the Peace Of Mind™ programme.

I undertook the programme in 1994 when I was in the process of considering the opening of my own psychological practice, and seeking to enhance my professional skills and obtain practical advice on undertaking such an entrepreneurial initiative.

The training was highly successful … the programme firstly was effective in challenging taken-for-granted professional beliefs and practices regarding client interaction, support and evaluation, an essential component in promoting professional growth.

The programme has extended my own professional competence.

Judging by client evaluations and increased demand for my services, the confidence inculcated by the content of the programme and the skills of the trainers has substantially enhanced my ability to offer a range of psychological and therapeutic support of perceived value to children, young people, adults and organisations within the community".

John Lathom, Liverpool John Moores University

"The module as it stands, has gone extremely well with our existing clientele, and I’d like to market it more strongly to schools, etc., to build on this success"

Dorothy Mitchell, Rossendale Hospice, Lancashire

"Without exception, Peace Of Mind™ has been appreciated and valued by all participating"

Deputy Head Teacher, Merseyside

"October 1997 was a turning point in my life, when I joined the Peace Of Mind™ programme. I now accept that I am a good enough wife, mum, and deputy, and that I have always done my best. I understand how easily I fell into ‘taking on’ the problems of others - I encouraged dependency, and deprived others of a sense of achievement coming from sorting out their own problems. I was stifling staff with care perhaps to the point of teachers participating in "learned helplessness" (Seligman 1975) a condition where people are exposed to uncontrollable aversive events for long periods, eventually give up trying to master the situation, become passive, and stop trying to influence their fate." Sue Senior, Oxfordshire "I just wanted to let you know how much completing your diploma course has changed my life.

My initial Intention was to re-train so that I could work and yet still be in a position to be the primary carer for my children. Not only has this been achieved but the way I think and act has been altered for the better, my confidence, self esteem and health have all Improved and I find It much easier to be positive about life in general.

If you had told me two years ago that by now I would be a practising psychotherapist, director of a training company, running relaxation classes In the evening and visiting day centres to run relaxation sessions I would probably have laughed in disbelief (and having just read the above I still don't quite believe it!). But, I am and things are going very well for me.

Thank you for everything you have taught and shown me. It has helped me grow as a person and I hope that my growth will now continue for the rest of my life. I feel like you have given me an enormous gift and words are not enough to express the gratitude I feel.

Long may your courses continue, I think as many people as possible should attend, if not for re-training then for their own personal development. Thank you again".

Irene Jamieson, Inverness

"The course was tough in some ways, but it was the best thing I ever did. It enabled me to take charge of my life!"