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Peace of Mind--Pack
Peace of Mind Pack

Training Pack

The Peace Of Mind™ Pack contains:

    • A 130 page professional A4 manual;
    • A fully cross-referenced 60 page Workbook;
    • A set of two sound CDs.

Audio Tracks For Your Enrichment & Enjoyment

The Peace Of Mind™ Pack will empower you in the following areas:

    • Stress-busters
    • Clearing away mental clutter
    • Assertiveness
    • Saying what you want
    • How to prioritise
    • Dealing with anxiety
    • How to get the best out of family and friends

Peace of Mind™ is a Sue Washington concept, and includes a broader training system, the mainstay book of the same name, and complementary CDs.

The Peace of Mind™ Training Module contains all you need to bring about positive changes in all areas of your life. Included here is material on feelings, feeling good about yourself, wants, needs, assertion, challenges, and much more. Most would agree that there can be no such thing as an overdose of using the "tried and trusted" methods ofPeace of Mind™. As a package, it was developed and used by Sue personally for many years and taught also to hundreds of trainee therapists whose own experience have field tested it to their extreme satisfaction.

Course Methods: Taught & Distance Learning

Taught. The taught course has been run many times all over the UK from Inverness through Merseyside, as well as in southern areas of England and in Northern Ireland.  The 20/21 hour course is validated by Liverpool John Moores University as part of an MA degree in Special Educational Needs. The taught course can be arranged to suit your requirements. Please contact Sue to discuss these opportunities in more detail.

Distance Learning. A complete course pack is available containing a manual, workbook, and two CDs. You can order directly from our Ordering Page with the confidence that all transactions are secure. Please also visit the Downloads Page for a complimentary sample, The Magic Garden, including a recorded narrative by Sue herself.

Peace of Mind Book & CD. You can also order the Peace of Mind book, which includes an audio CD, on the Ordering Page.