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CD Tracks Detail

Below are details of the tracks that are included in the Peace of Mindâ„¢ Pack, of which a sample is available on the Downloads Page.


The Sound of Calm (23:19) This is a meditational approach to relaxation and positive suggestion. (Used to help you feel better in general. Proven results for many physical as well as stress related conditions).

The Valley (39:00) This deep relaxation technique is the best Sue has found. Field-test it yourself for excellent positive results.


The Magic Garden (7:22) This technique gives the unconscious mind a way of permanemtly getting rid of unwanted material. Very good also at the end of the day to clear the mind before sleep. If you would like to hear this track,or see a transcript of its content, visit the Downloads Page.

The Healing Room (9:58) Almost 10 minutes. A wonderfully creative way to help the body's own healing system focus on the healing process in a specific way. I have a video tape of children being asked to think about their own antibodies, and showing an increase in the antibodies having done that. The possibilities are endless for you.

3D Storage System (8:37) This shows you a way of making an agreement with your own brain and unconscious mind. It is a way oflearning time management. I have used with premier division footballers whilst they go off and play a match - just as useful, if not more so, for the "busy" mind.

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